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~ Carole Doré ~


The Leading Expert of Visualization

and the Law of Attraction!

Carole Doré is a renowned Spiritual Pioneer, Teacher, Mystic, Author, and Publisher. She is the Discover and Originator of Advanced Guidelines in the Creative Process -  Law of Attraction and Visualization.

With almost 80 years of experience, Carole Doré is a Master of Metaphysics and is widely recognized as the leading authority of the Law of Attraction and Visualization. Her breakthrough discoveries have totally revolutionized the entire scope, terminology, guidelines and application of the Law of Attraction. She is an international speaker, popular talk show guest, producer of ground-breaking seminars, and is the author of the highly sought after book: The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST!

After recognizing the importance of creating through the heart, rather than the mind, Carole Doré made a major breakthrough in 1985 when she discovered the invaluable secret for accelerating the Law of Attraction

To provide in-depth guidelines for using this invaluable method, in 1986 she produced PowerVision Dynamics®, a full instructional program that teaches how to Accelerate the Law of Attraction and create in Synchronicity through expansive Spiritual Heart Energy. Her powerful book, seminars, and audio programs have dramatically enriched the lives of people throughout the world.

Carole Doré is known as the teacher's Teacher!

Speakers, authors, Internet marketers, ministers, and coaches from all over the world have studied Carole Doré's programs

and use many of her terms and guidelines that she devised in 1985, such as: 

• Create through the Heart

• Raise the vibration

• Accelerate the Law of Attraction

• The Law of Expansion and Contraction of Energy

• Create in Synchronicity

• Spontaneous Manifestation

• Experience Spiritual Bliss

• Mystical Manifestation

• Look for the Gift

• Use the Law of Polarity

• Create Money FAST!

...and Much More!


has been changed and used as titles of numerous books since she published it in 1994.

For almost 80 years, Carole Doré has studied, researched, refined and discovered breakthrough upon breakthrough in the discernment and application of Metaphysics throughout her entire life. Her dynamic presence, clarity, humor, inspiring message, and profound stories and examples make her an extremely popular, and sought after teacher, speaker, and author by people from all walks of life.

Not only is Carole able to cut through and clarify every aspect of the creative process, she captivates an audience by teaching and entertaining with tremendous enthusiasm, and a light and breezy confidence in what has been called a powerful and unparalleled learning adventure with this spiritual master.


"If you want your visions to materialize quickly, I encourage you to seek out Carole Doré. Her in-depth audio courses and TeleClasses on Law of Attraction methods and Visualization from the heart are the best I've found...high vibrational and fun.  Carole is also the author of the renowned Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST! - the highest vibrational "prosperity" book I've ever read. She's a magnetic teacher who brings enthusiasm and clarity to all her work. Concepts that Carole introduced in 1986 are now in daily use by teachers and authors worldwide."

~ Barbara Casey, Spiritual Marketing Coach and Inspirational Author

"Carole's successes are legendary:

* A Midwestern businesswoman using Carole's techniques increased the income of her business by $10,000 a DAY.

* A homeless woman in San Francisco used what she learned from Carole to improve her lot in life, and now owns her own HOUSE in a city where real estate prices are sky-high.

* A woman who was bankrupt with her house in foreclosure WON $98,000 from the LOTTO in New Jersey!

* A man at a seminar in Phoenix had wanted to complete a building he had been stalled on for a year and a half, but he needed $1 million to do so. The day after attending Carole's seminar, he got a call and received $1 million.

* My partner, David Garfinkel, says his income zoomed after he was exposed to Carole's techniques. He adds, "My fame on the Internet is due in large part to what happened after I started using Carole's techniques."  

* And there are hundreds of other Carole Doré success stories about people from all walks of life.  No matter what your situation, what she offers will definitely work for you.

* Carole is an amazing woman who has brought the promise of "New Thought" to life for herself and thousands of others. She knows how to use feelings and visualization to create money - sometimes in one day.

* Carole has developed PowerVision®, an accelerated form of visualization which is applied through the heart instead of the mind.

* Carole has also invented a unique method to generate money that is called the Money PowerVision®.  It actually creates money by ACCELERATING the Law of Attraction. It is available in her powerful book,

The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST!

* Her techniques feel exhilarating and create spontaneously and work in all areas of life, including money, health and relationship. They deliver results immediately. They're simple to learn and easy to do!

* Remember, money does not have to be an issue with you. Listen to Carole, apply her simple techniques, and then watch the money fly into your life!"

 2002 ~ Dr. Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale, author of "Spiritual Marketing"

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