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"Because of your teachings and audios, my income has continually increased plus I just received the largest raise that I have ever received in my life! Could you please put a page on your site where I consistently show my appreciation and easily circulate my live (money) to you?" ~ Curtiss Witt

Due to numerous requests, this Tithing page is available to offer support and appreciation for Spiritual nourishment by making Tithes to PowerVision Dynamics.

Tithing to sources that provide Spiritual sustenance is a way to affirm prosperity and to support what nurtures and enables you to grow spiritually. Tithing is  about circulating money as love and appreciation, staying at one with its essence within your heart, and giving in a joyful and meaningful way. In doing so, it causes energy to expand and return multiplied into your life.

Make a Tax-Exempt Donation Today. Your Gifts of Love and Appreciation Make a Difference!

PowerVision Dynamics' teaching has been empowering and inspiring countless people around the world to enable them to understand how to gain their power in life. If these teachings have impacted your life, and you would like to share these invaluable guidelines with others, please consider a donation to empower people everywhere. No contribution is too small. Your love offerings make a big difference in spreading this powerful teaching to others throughout the world.

$5 Tithe

$10 Tithe

$25 Tithe

$50 Tithe

$75 Tithe

$100 Tithe


$250 Tithe

$500 Tithe


Your Tithes of Love are Greatly Appreciated.

How your donations are used:

Since 1986, Carole Doré has dedicated her life to discovering, developing, teaching, and producing invaluable breakthrough Metaphysical guidelines within the PowerVision Dynamics' program, which has dramatically changed tens of thousands of people's lives. Your support is used to spread this invaluable teaching to people around the world to enable them to gain their freedom and power, and the ability to live a full, empowered and enriched life. 

Tithing Explained:

"I am continually asked to explain my viewpoint on tithing.

Tithing was originally used as a tool to enable people to consistently experience the powerful "feeling" of giving without being attached to receiving something in return. In doing so, it enabled them to experience the benefits of their energy expanding - resulting in their money returning to them multiplied.

As I explain in "The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST!" and in my seminars, money is a symbol of love. When a person circulates their money (love), while staying at one with the essence of it within their heart, it returns to them multiplied in their life. 

When a person becomes accustomed to circulating their money (love) - rather than feeling separated from it when they spend it - they can continually enjoy the benefits of this expansive flow at all times and in all cases - on a continual basis. This enables a person to act from Power and to allow money to serve them, and others, rather than serving it. It also enables a person to have much more money to circulate and donate to causes that they feel are important to support in life.

Throughout the years, numerous people have generously supported PowerVision Dynamics whether they are showing gratitude for the inspiration, powerful guidelines, or tremendous benefits they have received from this invaluable teaching - or because they recognize the importance of spreading this essential information to others. Their tithes have made an enormous difference in expanding the PowerVision Dynamics' program - and their support is always gratefully received.

If you, too, choose to circulate your love and appreciation in the form of money to support PowerVision Dynamics...I see the entire power of the Universe pouring you forth bountiful Ble$$ings into your life, and I see the money (love) that you circulate returning to you multiplied over a thousand times! And So It Is!!" ~ In Love and Appreciation, Carole Doré

"Tithing is from the Old Testament and means giving a tenth of what one receives to (originally) the priests, and now to where one receives spiritual nourishment.  

Tithing is wonderful! It helps spiritual organizations and churches stay in business, grow, and provide services to its members.

A large number of our members tithe regularly to our organization. And the contributors always receive back through the law of cause and effect. When we give with love and joy, we expand our consciousness. That's the key! It has nothing to do with pleasing God; it's all about causing a shift in consciousness, which allows more supply to become visible.

My philosophy of giving is simply working with the law to keep the channel open - for the delight of the giver and the receiver. Give only what feels natural to you, and let it go forth on wings of love and joy."
~ John Randolph Price


"Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse,

that there may be meat in mine house,

and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts,

if I will not open you the windows of heaven,

and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it."

~ Malachi 3: 10

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