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POWERVISION® is an Accelerated form of Visualization,

and the Law of Attraction,

that is applied through the Heart...rather than the mind!

POWERVISION® Creates Anything FAST!



PowerVision® is a BREAKTHROUGH energetically enhanced creative method used to apply the manifestation process! It enables a person to accelerate the Law of Attraction and create their desires quickly, and in Synchronicity, through Spiritually charged Energy within their Heart.

Rather than a person trying to create their desires by programing their mind.

Carole Doré first discovered this powerful method in 1979 while searching for answers after she had become quite ill, and her once incredibly happy marriage started falling apart.

Although she had vowed to never control her mind again, after experiencing a life-changing epiphany in 1969, she decided to explore the New Thought teachings that had sprung from the extreme metaphysical religion she had been raised in.

As she began studying their philosophy, she thought it was interesting but felt uncomfortable with the impersonal, yet seemingly powerful, mental guidelines. She knew there had to be more to this and she had a great desire to understand her power at a deeper level. That night, a profound diagram appeared to her in a dream. She quickly jotted it down and used the diagram for herself, for the next six years.

(In 1986, she began using the diagram in her seminars to explain the difference between trying to program the mind to create a desire versus connecting with Divine Spiritual Energy through the heart and experiencing accelerated enhanced Manifestations.)

Being in extreme pain and practically bedridden until the end of 1984, she read books day and night and attended New Thought classes when she could - but she always used her diagram to interpret their guidelines in a different fashion.

She started becoming aware that the original distorted metaphysical philosophy, that she had been raised in (and that New Thought had sprung from), was continually woven throughout all of the New Thought material that she was studying. Because she knew those guidelines were flawed, she easily began weeding them out. (One thing to note - although New Thought, and Carole Doré, have always used the term "Law of Attraction" in their teachings, as time progressed, and especially when the Internet was born, clever marketers began calling Metaphysics: "The Law of Attraction" or "LOA", which most people now identify with at this time. But the problem remains the same, numerous flaws are continually strewn throughout it.)

During Carole's exploration to gain more metaphysical insights in the early eighties, she gleaned much gold, and the rest she tossed aside. But, as she became stronger, her marriage began to crumble.

In 1985, Carole's marriage and life totally fell apart. Once happily married and extremely wealthy with a beautiful home - she was now going through a divorce, bankrupt, her home was in foreclosure, she had no money, no credit, no job, and was not physically well. In spite of all that, she successfully used her new manifestation method to create her own beautiful Villa Apartment in Newport Beach, California.

Being in total awe of the amazing speed and miraculous synchronicity in which her idyllic new home was created - and how everything seemed to be personalized just for her - she began looking deeper into the Law of Attraction to see exactly why her manifestation was produced on such a expansive level. She then became profoundly aware that she had created her new home through her heart, rather than her mind, while being unified with the Power within. 

Carole was totally fascinated with this amazing phenomena, and decided to experiment with the Law of Attraction further. One urgent matter was the upcoming rent for her very expensive new home. With no financial income at all, and no time to spare, she realized that she needed to speed up the Law of Attraction to draw finances to her fast.

She began re-thinking the Nature of Energy and she very quickly discovered how to accelerate the Law of Attraction. Knowing that slowed downed vibrational energy changes form slowly and higher vibrational energy (like fire) changes physical forms quickly, she suddenly realized that if she consistently raised her vibration, it would accelerate the Law of Attraction! Knowing, also, that our needs are always met - she did her part by unifying with her vision (money) with her heart, while she raised her vibration to accelerate the Law of Attraction, and the Universe always did Its part. From that moment on, her rent, plus all of her other needs, were continually drawn forth...and her needs were ALWAYS met!

Recognizing the importance of sharing this invaluable new method with others, Carole Doré began producing a, step-by-step, program to teach her new heart-centered accelerated method.

• She provided, step-by-step, guidelines for using Visualization, and the Law of Attraction, correctly and the most powerful way possible.

• She included numerous PowerVision® techniques to create ALL areas of a person's life!

• She taught precisely how to unify with a vision and create it through the heart!

• She made the core of her teaching, her POWER EXERCISE, which enables a person to raise their vibration, expand Energy, and create in Synchronicity by connecting with the Power within.

• She included Diagrams to teach her new process clearly.

• To powerfully demonstrate her new accelerated method, she included numerous stories and examples from her own - and others - personal experiences. 

• She included extremely important metaphysical insights that she gained from the epiphany she had in 1969, when she was twenty-five.

•  To clearly explain the Power of expansive accelerated Energy, and the personal aspect of God, she included her Mystical Experience, which she had in 1956 when she was only twelve.

• Later, she added numerous more of her Discoveries including her invaluable Money PowerVision® technique.

• And SO Much More...

Her intention was to create a complete guideline that teaches every aspect of the creative process - that people will have forever! Her greatest desire was to give people their Power and Freedom, and to remove all of the glitches from, what she calls, "halfway metaphysics", which began in the late 1800's. Carole Doré teaches pure advanced Metaphysics, which was taught, and often hid, in the Bible.

In 1986, she made her new program available to everyone and she called it PowerVision Dynamics®.


The Most Powerful Application and the Most Complete, Definitive Guidelines of Visualization and the Law of Attraction.

PowerVision Dynamics® is a full instructional program that was created, developed, and produced by Carole Doré to teach every aspect of the creative process and how to use POWERVISION® to create in Synchronicity through expansive, Illuminated Energy.

The focus is to connect with the Power within,

which enables a person to experience Bliss and Create in Synchronicity!

The objective is to create desires through the heart by raising the vibration and connecting with the Power within the Superconscious. Rather than a person controlling their mind or trying to program their subconscious.

Creating through the heart enables powerful accelerated Energy, from the Superconscious, to move through the form of the vision in the subconscious, which charges it with tremendous Life-Flow. Due to the Law of Attraction, the outer form is drawn into a person's life, on an expanded level, very quickly. 

When Visualization is applied through the mind, it is difficult to do. It uses the wrong type of energy and the vision takes longer to manifest. The desire can eventually be magnetically drawn to a person but normally there is something wrong with it, it can cause chaos, and it normally is yanked right back out of the person's life again.

When Visualization is applied through the heart, by unifying with Spirit and raising the vibration - it feels light, spontaneous, enjoyable and exhilarating! The desire not only manifests quickly and in synchronicity, but because the energy is expansive, it is always greater than a person imagined, plus it is personalized just for them. And it lasts!


• Use Visualization strategically and the most powerful way possible - through the heart, not the mind!

Obtain Clarity in choosing and creating your desires in life

Raise your vibration and create in Synchronicity though expansive high vibrational Energy

• Spontaneously apply numerous accelerated, dynamic PowerVision techniques

Remove Blockages - enabling your desires to manifest successfully

• Gain Financial Independence for a prosperous, full, and rewarding life

• Achieve the Ultimate Level of Growth and Alignment by Integrating the Male and Female within

• Experience The Power Exercise to achieve Divine Unification and Manifestation!

All of these important principles and guidelines - and MUCH more - are taught by Carole Doré in numerous audio programs, TeleWorkshops, and in THE EMERGENCY HANDBOOK FOR GETTING MONEY FAST

This invaluable teaching continues to dramatically enrich the lives of people throughout the world as they gratefully discover how to take control over their lives, gain their freedom, experience Joy and Fulfillment within, reach their full potential, and successfully create their desires in life.

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