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The Commonly Understood Approach


Creating Through the Heart!

• It is focused toward programming the subconscious. A person tries to create their desire by themself, by mentally focusing on their vision to try to coerce it to be drawn to them from the third dimension (physical world). They use only their "mind energy" (their male energy), which can't create true substance by itself.

• It is focused on Connecting with the Superconscious - the Power of Love within. The person experiences their vision within their heart and allows Light Energy to flow through to empower it within their subconscious. Because Heart Energy (empowered male/female energy) is used, their vision naturally produces substantial Life-Infused Creativity.

Results: It takes 21 days or longer to manifest and it drains the person. The person becomes discouraged,  frustrated, or completely controlling. Their energy is stilted and their vision is out of control. If it does come in, it lasts awhile, causes chaos, and eventually they lose it.

Results: It empowers the person and everyone else. It charges their vision (and their entire being) with tremendous Life, puts them into Synchronicity, and their desire is created in Harmony Immediately. Their manifested vision is enhanced and far greater than they imagined. And it lasts!

• It's picturing a desired scene on a movie screen in the mind. In doing so, a person tries to control the scene in their imagination and consistently uses will power to try to stay focused on it.

Results: It is extremely difficult. It uses the wrong type of energy, which can be destructive. It takes longer for their desire to manifest and normally there is something wrong with it when it finally does appear.

• It's being in the scene and experiencing it from the body. It is light and fun! The person loves and enjoys their vision in their imagination and within their heart - and it quickly takes on a life of its own.

Results: The process is easy, spontaneous and enjoyable. The vision is charged with powerful expansive Spiritual Energy. The person embodies their vision, it manifests quickly, and it is uniquely personalized just for them.

• It uses obsessive emotions and it feels out of control. The person feels needy and helpless, and is trying to fix or control the picture. Or, a person feels as though they are - by themself - powerful and they are determined that they will create their desire by visualizing it consistently by controlling their mind.

Results: The person is attached to their desire and they feel like they have to have it to feel fulfilled. Or, they think that they need to prove their power to feel successful. Their obsessive emotions invert energy, which will either push their desire away or it will kill it.  If it does come in, it's pulled from a vacuum. The person becomes controlled by it, it's not truly fulfilling, and eventually it's yanked right back out again - causing great confusion, disappointment, blame and sorrow.

• It uses expansive Feelings. The person feels free, confident, energized, uplifted, and "bigger than the picture" because they feel loved, fortified and supported by the Power within.

Results: The person is not attached to their desire because they feel the fulfillment of it before it appears. Their greatest fulfillment, however, comes from the exhilarated Joy and Love Energy that they continually feel radiating throughout their entire being. These Feelings cause their vision to expand and manifest with substance quickly and in total Synchronicity. Their created vision is magnificent, and the person gains great pleasure from it, but it merely enhances the total Joy and Fulfillment that they are impressed with and are already enjoying within.  And it's permanent!


"And though I have all faith so that I could remove mountains, and have not Love, I am nothing." ~ I Corinthians 13: 2

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