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The Highly Sought-After Book,



Money 3_edited.png
Money 3_edited.png

This Powerful Book is an Invaluable, Step-by-Step, Guide

to Enable Your Needs to be Met NOW!

Empower your finances, operate at your full potential, and end financial instability with this life-changing book for obtaining money fast by renowned Law of Attraction and Visualization expert, Carole Doré.

Combining her accelerated PowerVision techniques with practical tips, The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST! provides strategic, step-by-step, guidance for using numerous fast-acting PowerVision® techniques, plus an extensive assortment of money-making ideas, to immediately increase the flow of money into your life!

Included, is the secret for successfully using Carole Doré's Money PowerVision® technique as seen on YouTube.


In 1985, Carole Doré discovered and developed an accelerated creative method she termed "PowerVision®", which enables a person to create their desires quickly and in Synchronicity.

Before her breakthrough discovery, Carole's world came crashing down in 1979! She tells how she picked up the pieces and shares what specific steps she took that saved her from total poverty and homelessness.

In 1994, Carole Doré wrote the first edition of this extraordinary handbook to put a final end to the unnecessary hardship caused from financial instability. Since that time, this invaluable teaching has enabled thousands of people all over the world to gain their freedom and live a full, prosperous, and rewarding life.

A powerful support system during difficult times, and a source of Joy through the good, this endearing book is a constant companion. A wellspring of beauty, comfort and upliftment - every page is a visual feast and of true inspiration.

Included are profound stories of triumph over calamity from Carole Doré's own life that she shares with profound insights and humor. With boundless encouragement and enlightened guidance, Doré provides realistic solutions for turning financial tragedy into financial success, and the ability to rise from misfortune and anxiety to a life filled with purpose, confidence, joy, and true enrichment.

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• Accelerated PowerVision® techniques to Obtain Money FAST!

• Large assortment of Fast Money Making Ideas!

Secret for successfully using the Money PowerVision!

• Practical Steps to obtain Money FAST!

Colored Corresponding Diagrams

• Beautifully Illustrated throughout

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Money 100s_edited.png




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Peek Inside!

~ The Fifth Edition of ~


Money 3_edited.png
Money 3_edited.png
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Carole Doré provides the SECRET for powerfully accelerating the Money PowerVision® technique (as shown on her television interview on YouTube)

in order to Successfully and Abundantly

Create Money FAST!

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Art Abstract Grunge Decorative Light Green Painted Wall Texture. Rough Plaster Background.

A Powerful, Step-by-Step, Emergency Handbook

to Enable You to Obtain Money FAST!


• Strategic, step-by-step, guidance for Getting Money FAST!

• Accelerated PowerVision® techniques to Obtain Money FAST!

An Assortment of FAST Money Making ideas! 

• Practical Tips to Quickly increase the flow of money in your life!

THE MAJOR SECRET for applying the Money PowerVision Technique Successfully and Expansively!

• Numerous Tools for Accelerating the Law of Attraction to Create Money in Synchronicity!

• Strategic guidelines for Removing Blockages - enabling you to Create Money FAST!
How to Attain Expansive Feelings that Create Money FAST! 
  Versus emotional attachment, which will invert energy and push Money away!

• Corresponding Diagrams:
   ~ The Dimensions Diagram The Expansion Diagram The Inner Soul Diagram
   ~ The Money Diagram Technique

• A PowerVision Checklist

Special Mystery Quiz

• Beautifully Illustrated

An Uplifting, Inspirational, Multi-Dimensional Experience Throughout

And Much More...

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Treasure Chest _ Diamond_edited_edited.png

You will become Inspired, Uplifted, and Enlightened

while you obtain Invaluable Guidelines for Creating Wealth in Your Life!

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"I have great news to report.  I just received my largest commission check ever last week and I am going to Hawaii.  I am going to spend an entire week in a gorgeous condo up on a cliff right on the ocean.  And, I have a convertible car that I will be given to drive.  I am thrilled and things just keep getting better and better.  Thanks so much!  Also, I want to buy two more books for my friends."
~ Donna S. • Menlo Park, California

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Art Abstract Grunge Decorative Light Green Painted Wall Texture. Rough Plaster Background.

~ Experience the Greatest Treasure of  Your Heart! ~

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gold coins x_edited.png

You will become uplifted, inspired, empowered, and enlightened

as Carole Doré provides invaluable, step-by-step, guidelines

for gaining your freedom and creating true riches in your life!

This photo was taken of Carole Doré with her

new little baby granddaughter, Kelley,

on Thanksgiving, November 1994.

The following day, she began writing The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST!, which she dedicated to Kelley. She placed this special photo at the very beginning of the book.

In 2007, a member, on the forum of "The Secret's" website, wrote that the secret wasn't in their book - it was in The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST!  And she was right. It was!

People immediately began ordering the Emergency Handbook and bought every copy in three days. Because everyone was clamoring to get it, people began selling used copies of it on Amazon for exorbitant prices - anywhere from $650.00 up to $3500.00 a copy. Carole contacted the company that produced the Fifth Edition for her in the year 2000, but it seems they had lost all the plates and so it couldn't be reprinted. The Fifth (and last) Edition was very elaborately produced and has now become a collector’s item. Later, Carole found a few boxes of pristine copies of the 5th Edition, which are now available and being sold in Special Combination Packages.

In 2007, Carole began recording the audiobook of the 5th Edition so that people would have the guidelines they were seeking without paying the enormous prices on Amazon. Carole had Kelley (as the Inner Child) record all of the verses that ran throughout it, which she did beautifully.

The audiobook took two 1/2 years to produce.

Narrated by Best Selling Author, Carole Doré

Verses and Quotes read by granddaughter,

Kelley Briana Doré Moody

Exquisite Musical Verses,

beautifully recorded by Kelley in Synchronicity,

totally immerse you in High Vibration throughout!


Now in its Fifth Edition, this enchanting book has become fully Embellished!

As best selling author and publishing guru, Dan Poynter says

"This is not a book. It's a work of art!"

This insightful wisdom, contagious enthusiasm and humor, with which this illuminating book has been written, is greatly appreciated and treasured on all levels of life!

THE EMERGENCY HANDBOOK FOR GETTING MONEY FAST! is loaded with over 280 pages of, step-by-step, insightful guidelines to help you launch your vision and create money FAST!

"Stop everything! Alert the media to THE EMERGENCY HANDBOOK FOR GETTING MONEY FAST!  This incredible book reveals an "inside-out" approach to making money. What Carole Doré reveals are strategic ways to increase your energy so that money is literally drawn to you like a magnet. She explains things I've NEVER heard ANYWHERE before. This is leading-edge thinking at its best!"

2000 ~ Dr. Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale, author of "Spiritual Marketing"

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Carole Doré provides Invaluable, Step-by-Step, Guidelines

for Obtaining Money FAST!



FULL Unabridged 5th Edition • 280 Pages

• 8" X 9" • 60 Chapters

• Padded Green Marble • Gold Embossed

• Spiral Enclosed Hardbound

• Complete, Step-by-Step, Guidelines

• Beautifully Illustrated Throughout • Inspirational and Uplifting

PowerVision® Checklist

• 4 Corresponding Diagrams (including The Money Diagram)

Special MYSTERY QUIZ at the end

Money 3_edited.png

This Highly Sought After Book is almost SOLD OUT!

A few pristine copies of this highly sought-after Collector's 5th Edition, 
from Carole Doré's own private reserve, are being made available in
Special Combination Packages.


The Unabridged Audiobook , NEW eBook, and the Abridged Mini-Handbook are Available.

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