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I have been a student of Carole Doré's for many years and I have seen the PowerVision Dynamics' program turn people's lives around - including my own!

Many things have transformed in my life but I will mention just a few:

FINANCIAL: I once and for all got out of credit card debt ($20,000).

I now choose to pay cash or almost everything.

CAREER: I got out of a 9 to 5 job that I had for 20 years. I made great money but I was not doing what I loved. Now I am CEO of two successful businesses that I own. I am doing what I love and the money just flows right in!

RELATIONSHIP: I broke free from an unhappy marriage.

It was such a natural progression for both of us that we are still good friends. After, I re-connected with my childhood sweetheart, MarkTravis, and we got married. (It was so unique it was even filmed on PBS.)

OUR HOME: Mark and I were renting a nice apartment but we wanted our own home. We used Carole Doré's PowerVision techniques and created a 2,700 square foot two-story home. We actually had it built. It is our dream home.

I have gone through every audio course that Carole has and each one just gets better than the last. It is the kind of thing you will go back to year in and year a Bible. Any other audio course out there simply does not compare to what she is teaching! (It is not PMA.) Each course builds on each other and is a part of the whole teaching. They are ALL Important and I totally recommend everything Carole has to offer. She walks her talk and is a shining example of what she teaches to the world!

The world needs this knowledge badly if any serious changes are going to be made on a huge scale! I know Carole is passionate about sharing this with everyone throughout the world and so am I.

If Carole Doré comes into your life, consider yourself very blessed and loved. I certainly do!  If you want ABUNDANCE in all areas of your life, I highly recommend the entire PowerVision Program!

~ April Travis, CEO of Living the Good Life

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