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The Ultimate Way to Create!


~ Empowering Relationships ~

~ Money and Success ~

~ Radiant Health ~

Recorded by Carole Doré under a Full Moon

in Synchronicity to enchanting beautiful music!

These exhilarating PowerVision Contemplations are definitely the Ultimate Way to create!

Extremely High Vibrational and in total Synchronicity, they are unlike any other types of creative audios ever produced. They are not meditative, subliminal, guided or programming. They are MUCH more powerful than that! They are totally Unifying, Uplifting and Expansive! They Supercharge your vision with Spiritual Energy, accelerate the Law of Attraction, and create in Synchronicity!

The PowerVision Contemplations do The Power Exercise for you in three Specific Areas:

Empowering Relationships, Money and Success, and Radiant Health.

Please Note:  The Power Exercise is the main accelerated process in the PowerVision Dynamics' program. it is taught in Visualization - The Power Of Your Heart, The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST!, the Audiobook, and the Mini-Handbook. One of these teachings is recommended first.

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The Empowering Relationships Contemplation enables you to create your Ultimate Love Relationship or it will enhance the one that you are in. You may also use it to empower and align all types of relationships, whether it concerns a family member,

a friend, an acquaintance, a business associate, or even an animal.

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The Money and Success Contemplation creates money and success the MOST Powerful way possible. It dramatically energizes the Money PowerVision taught in The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST!, the Audiobook, and MiniHandbook. A Gold Mine when used correctly!

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The Radiant Health Contemplation energizes and aligns the body in a way that is exhilarating. It enables a person to experience their true nature and radiant health that is theirs right now. It is tremendously Unifying and beneficial whether health is an issue or not.



These Three Magnificent Audios are the Ultimate Way to Create!

~ Empowering Relationships ~

~ Money and Success ~

~ Radiant Health ~


Enjoy the Magic of experiencing the 3rd, 4th, an 5th Dimensions simultaneously!

These Multi-Dimensional Contemplations are an active experience of your heart! They enable you to experience the fullness of your desires while they raise your vibration and Unify you with the Power within. This Special Unification allows Spirit from the Superconscious to powerfully energize and expand your vision in the subconscious (within your heart) - personally creating through you, the outer formations of your needs and desires in total Synchronicity!

These Exhilarating audios infuse your vision with Spiritual Energy accelerate the Law of Attraction,

put you in Synchronicity,

and create on an Elevated, Expansive Level!


~ The ULTIMATE Way to Create! ~

• Experience the Exhilaration of Bliss and Synchronicity to beautiful Music!

Charge your Vision with Spiritual Energy!

• Powerfully Energize Money and Success,

Empowering Relationships, and Radiant Health!

• Create ALL areas of your life on an elevated, expansive level!


Not Meditative or Subliminal -

these Powerful Creative Contemplations are Exhilarating

and an Active experience of your Heart!

• Accelerate the Law of Attraction and Create in Synchronicity!

Because of the Tremendous Life-Flow, your vision is not only Supercharged,

ALL of your needs and desires can be quickly drawn into your life!

The Exhilaration of Bliss is so profound - 
It ultimately become the Quest itself!
Automatically eliminating emotional attachment!


"I cannot not thank you enough! After I received your  PowerVision Contemplations, I used them diligently (to avoid bankruptcy). I followed the guidelines in your book and I listened to The Money Contemplation every morning and every night. It worked!!! Two months later, my feet are barely touching the ground - I just received $80,000! And, I was just notified that I will be receiving $45,000 more in a few weeks!  Thank you so much!” ~ Nancy Collyer

Nanci Collyer.png

Use the Money and Success Instructional Contemplation to insure that you are using 

The Money and Success Contemplation correctly and the most powerful way possible!

Carole Doré guides you, step-by-step, through the original Money and Success PowerVision® Contemplation to insure that you use it the most powerful way possible and take full advantage of its unlimited potential. Because when it is used correctly - it is AN ABSOLUTE GOLD MINE!

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• 80 Minute
MP3 Instant Download

Only $44.95




~ Money and Success ~
Radiant Health ~
Empowering Relationships ~

• 3-Audio: MP3 Instant Download
Only $74.95

• 3-CD Audio Package
$89.95 + Tax if in CA + S&H


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The PowerVision Contemplations - 3 audios
 The Money and Success Instructional Contemplation - audio
The Money and Success Instructional Contemplation - Transcript

4-Audio: MP3 Instant Download + $ Transcript
Only $109.95 Normally $155  SAVE $45

4-CD Audio Package + $ Transcript
$139.95 + Tax if in CA & S&H Normally $190  SAVE $50

Please Note: The PowerVision Contemplations are experiential and creative - not instructional.

 An instructional PowerVision foundation program is recommended first,

such as: Visualization - The Power Of Your Heart!,

The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST!, the Audiobook, or the MiniHandbook.

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