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90 years young and looking back over

the most impressionable moments of my life!

Looking back at the incredible life I have lived so far I must admit that 2023 was the year that I found my connection. The year I found my joy and the year that all my dreams flourished around me. It was the beginning of my winning streak.

I started entering contests and sweepstakes again but in a different way. I asked for surprise wins but I also drew in my notebook those things I wanted to come to me. And with the sword of my magic pen and paper it all flowed into my life as I knew it would.

My husband and I started spending more quality time together. My family flourished. We started having more family time and it only brought us closer.

We redecorated our house into a beautiful calming space exactly as I envisioned. I rediscovered my love for cooking and family dinners happened quite often.

I started losing weight in 2023 and ended up losing 100 pounds which put me back into choosing beautiful, colorful clothes and taking more time with my self- care.

Oh did I mention we also won the lottery? I will never forget the look in Jess’s eyes when I told him! I swear we stayed up the whole night planning and laughing so hard that we woke up the boys so we had to tell them!

R graduated college Magna Cum Laude but now it was up to him to decide which path he took. Same with J – his skin had cleared at this point and he was once again the outgoing, most charismatic person I know! And we had the money to finance whatever he wanted to do.

But best of all, I found me. After the New Years Workshop with Carole I immersed myself in her classes and teachings. And in that knowledge, I found my Bliss. I found so much joy and love that I couldn’t see before and I knew I would never lose it again.

I created lavish abundance, joy, bliss, love and connection in 2023. It was the best year I could ever have imagined. As the Power moves through me.

2023 - The BEST Year Of My Life So Far!

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