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90 years young and looking back over

the most impressionable moments of my life!

Looking back at my incredible life, I can clearly see that 2023 was the year that all miracles that I've been dreaming for so long, came to me, in easy, quick and effortless ways!

The year was filled with incredible synchronicities, from meeting the most wonderful man in the world, to experiencing the most magnificent wedding, to being married to him and having the most loving, blissful, passionate, respectful and caring relationship I could ever dream for.

2023 was also the year that I became a mother through adoption, and that fact changed my life for 1000s times better! It filled me with love, joy, gratitude, and was the biggest blessing of my life.

As my husband and I are deeply in love 'til this day, holding hands and rejoicing as we look proudly and lovingly at our children and grandchildren, all sitting at our big dinner table, having fun, laughing and being happy together. As we always do!

We have a wonderful relationship with all our children and grandchildren, and we are so proud of all them for being wonderful, kind, honest, clever, work smart, productive, wealthy, healthy people, and we love them unconditionally as they love us too.

My mum and dad have always been radiantly healthy, physically vibrant and having the times of their lives. It's been such a blessing always having them with me and my children and seeing them having quality of life.

In 2023 I made wonderful new friends that are part of my life as family, they are beautiful, kind people, and we support each other always.

That was also the year my Dad's firm took off again, and it was the comeback we'd be working for: Lots of big projects, big paying clients, and an amazing profit every year.

By the end of 2023, we had admitted 10 more employees, and it's been growing ever since. That year alone, we made a profit of over € 300.000,00, and that's being growing exponentially ever since. And after managing the firm for more than 20 years and then passing it on to my children, I'm so incredibly proud that my Dads legacy and dream lives on through us and our work. Every year we have more profits than the year before. I have loved growing more youthful and radiantly healthy throughout my life. I feel like the wealthiest, most vibrantly youthful 90 year young person of all the time.

2023 – The BEST Year Of MY Life So Far!

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