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90 years young and looking back over

the most impressionable moments of my life!

As I sit on my Veranda overlooking the Pacific OCEAN I think to myself wow what a wild fun synchronistic ride these 90 years of young living have been.

As I glance at the moon my mind goes to how grateful I am for Carole Dore. It is her teachings about the moon but also about life and the SUPERCONSCIOUS that opened my heart up to the BREAKTHROUGH that I had always wanted. Which was to Know The Power for Myself in a Personal Way. AND BOY DO I EVER!

My Life has been FILLED with MONEY that came from places I wouldn’t have thought.

I have meet some of the most wonderful, loving giving people throughout my years of living that assisted me on my road to Super Success in Health, Love, Motherhood, and especially RECEIVING EASILY LOTS OF MONEY!

I really remember the most that the year 2023 was a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH YEAR FOR ME! A HUGE WINDFALL CAME TO ME IMMEDIATELY and I used it to by the Dream Home I always wanted and to Invest in a Passive Income Opportunity that made me So Much Money So Fast I didn’t know how I was even going to spend it all.

2023 was the year my HEALTH TOOK A QUANTUM LEAP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. I hardly ever got sick from that time until now. I learned what my Body truly wanted to be healthy and gave it to it. It was EASIER THAN I THOUGHT! My Nutritionist and Health Trainers were the best and even now people ask me why I look so young!

I am just so grateful. Even now as I sit here smelling the salt from the ocean and hearing my husband cook in the kitchen I am in awe of how I even meet him.

Not only did 2023 sweep me off my feet into a Lavish Life of Love but I met the Love of my Life and we have been DANCING TOGETHER IN THE LAVISHNESS OF LIFE EVER SINCE!

2023 – The BEST Year Of MY Life So Far!

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