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90 years young and looking back over

the most impressionable moments of my life!

Looking back at the year 2023, the theme was definitely FUN!

Shortly after completing Carole's New Year Workshop, I hit the JACKPOT as I watched my income skyrocket from my business and investments.

Money - including a large WINDFALL - came in from EVERYWHERE and it enabled me to purchase my dream home that included a backyard sanctuary with a pool that featured a lazy river and water slide.

My inner child was completely set free and led the way as I quickly released over 70 pounds.

This new, lighter, vibrantly healthy me was able to do everything I wanted to do, including hiking, biking, surfing, dancing, and more and to this day I enjoy a vibrantly healthy, strong, fit, attractive body and lifestyle.

I began enjoying fun day trips with my family and that was the year we started taking frequent vacations. The most memorable and MAGICAL being the LUXURY Disney cruise we took!

Oh, and I FINALLY got my hands on a personalized, physical copy of The Emergency Handbook!

Can you imagine...what it's like to have all of your dreams come true in total synchronicity? That's exactly what's happened in 2023 and every year since.

2023 - The BEST Year Of My Life So Far!

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