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90 years young and looking back over

the most impressionable moments of my life!

The year 2023 was the most incredible, fun, wealthy, and high vibrational year of my life so far. It is the year I got my Power correctly in total synchronicity as taught by Carole Dore!

I am rich beyond belief in money, radiant health, fun, and experiences of the grace of God reaching through everything to me like nature, songs and birds flying in synchronicity.

I won the $80 million dollar Powerball lotto with our numbers from Carole’s intensified class.

It enabled me to take exquisite vacations to high vibrational destinations to experience the magic of Life.

I love living in my idyllic Ink Block apartment immediately,

seeing the Madonna concert in the front row,

and watching my online businesses and money soar and pour financial abundance into my bank accounts 24 hours a day!! My first multi million dollar year!!

Also, incredibly, I met the man of my dreams at the Madonna concert. Our eyes locked during the Holiday encore. We've been enjoying this beautiful life together ever since.

We've been enjoying this beautiful life together ever since. I am more vital, radiant, strong & flexible with every year and I experience an awesome active lifestyle. I feel like the wealthiest 90 years young person of all time!!

2023 – The BEST Year Of MY Life So Far!

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