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90 years young and looking back over

the most impressionable moments of my life!

I am Ninety years Young and growing younger Everyday. I’ve become vibrant and youthful every single year, now I feel more vital and exuberant more than ever before.

I Love reading the Bible, playing golf and ski with my young friends. I am surrounded by supportive and joyful friends I am living an active lifestyle.

I remember I experienced a major turning point IN YEAR 2023

IN 2023, ALL OF A SUDDEN, I became a Tremendous Financial Success, and I experienced Radiant Health.

In 2023, I mastered major skills to be a PF master. I Magnificently closed my First Major Deal in Massive Real Estate Development Project EASILY AND IN TOTAL SYNCHRONICITY!

Besides, I finally Met a Top Tier Capital Partners as a wonderful business partner, and Many rich and loyal clients. We are still together since then. Now, I am Multi, Multi, Multi millionaire, and Financially free.

In 2023, I magically got my parents a nice and cozy Pension in Dang-Jin in total synchronicity. The place was such a Magnificent red brick house, and it has Beautiful Garden, so my children and nephew could play cheerfully in it whenever they visit there. And it also has vegetable garden in it. My Parent just loved It.

In 2023, I finally made up my mind to marry someone, and I met my husband in Total synchronicity. We first met in the Italian Restaurant. When we met, The Spark flew through us, we magically fell in love with each other at FiRST SIGHT.

Now I am happily married over 46 years, and I live with my wonderful, gorgeous and sweet husband and we have a handsome and smart Son. We are such a loving and beautiful family.

2023 – The BEST Year Of MY Life So Far!

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