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90 years young and looking back over

the most impressionable moments of my life!

I am Ninety years old now. I enjoy reading Bible, playing golf and skiing with my young friends. I am living an active lifestyle.

I’ve become vibrant and youthful every single year, now I feel more vital and exuberant more than ever before,

I remember I experienced a major turning point IN YEAR 2023

IN 2023, ALL OF A SUDDEN, I became a Tremendous Financial Success, and I experienced Radiant Health.

In 2023, I mastered major skills to be a PF master. I closed my first major deal in real estate development services.

Beside, I finally Met a Top Tier Capital Partners as a business partner, and Many rich and loyal clients. We are still together since then. Now, I am Multi, Multi, Muliti millionaire, and Financially free,

In 2023, I got my parents a nice and cozy home in Dan-jin in total synchronicity.

In 2023, I finally made up my mind to marry someone, and I met my husband in Total synchronicity. We passionately fell in love at our first sight.

Now I am happily married over 46 years, and I live with my wonderful, gorgeous and sweet husband and we have a handsome and smart Son. We are such a loving and beautiful family.

2023 - The BEST Year Of My Life So Far!

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