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~ Carole Doré History ~


The Leading Expert of Visualization

and the Law of Attraction!

With 78 years of experience, Carole Doré is a Master of Metaphysics and is widely recognized as the leading authority of the Law of Attraction and Visualization. Her breakthrough system has totally revolutionized the entire scope, terminology, guidelines and application of Metaphysics. She is an international speaker, popular talk show guest, producer of ground-breaking audio seminars and author of the highly sought after book: The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST!

Carole Doré is known as the teacher's Teacher!

Speakers, authors, Internet marketers, ministers, and coaches from all over the world have studied Carole Doré's programs and use many of her terms

that she devised in 1985 to teach her guidelines, such as: 

• Create through the Heart

• Raise the vibration

• Accelerate the Law of Attraction

• The Law of Expansion and Contraction of Energy

• Create in Synchronicity

• Spontaneous Manifestation

• Experience Spiritual Bliss

• Mystical Manifestation

• Look for the Gift

• Use the Law of Polarity

• Create Money FAST!

...and Much More!


has been changed and used as titles of numerous books since she published it in 1994.

Before all of Carole Doré's breakthrough discoveries in the early 1980's, ALL of the Metaphysical and Law of Attraction guidelines were solely focused on creating through the mind, staying centered, programing the subconscious, looking for the Lesson, being tested, or a person wondering what they did to create something.

No one had ever heard of: "Creating through the Heart", "Raising the vibration", "Accelerating the Law of Attraction", "Creating in Synchronicity", "Experiencing Bliss", "Using the Law of Polarity", plus NUMEROUS more of Carole Doré's terms and teachings. 

In 1986, she founded PowerVision Dynamics, a full instructional program that teaches how to Accelerate the Law of Attraction by raising the vibration and creating through the Heart, rather than the mind. Or reword like the biography

Carole Doré's Metaphysical History

1944: Carole was born into an extremely devout family of Christian Scientists who read, studied and discussed Metaphysics and the Bible daily. 

(Christian Science is the teaching that ALL New Age, New Thought, and Law of Attraction philosophies have sprung from since the late 1800's.  , the core / foundation of all the metaphysical teaching since the late 1800's.

1948 - Age 4 1/2: Carole was given the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test and she measured 150 IQ.

1949 - Age 5: Carole's arm was broken due to an accident but, because the Christian Science philosophy is to heal through prayer rather than using medicine and doctors, Carole's parent's did not allow her to receive medical care. Being in extreme pain, Carole had no place else to turn except to God. This special Unification has remained with her throughout her life.

(Note: The metaphysical teachings, which have sprung from Christian Science, do not subscribe to this extreme part of their philosophy...nor does Carole Doré.) 

1956 - Age 12: Carole had her first Mystical Experience.

Carole had always been taught that God was Love, that God was Life, and that God was everywhere, but she always had a great desire to actually see God. One day, while contemplating Spirit, she gazed out at a beautiful hill of pine trees when it suddenly Illuminated in Light and Love, which continued to  shimmer throughout it. There was simultaneous a presence of Peace and Grace and a realization that this Power was continually present and greater than anything that is occurring in the physical world.

1960 - Age 15: Carole became extremely phychic.

1967 - Age 23: Carole Completed Advanced Metaphysical Class Instruction and Practitioner Training with Christian Science.

1968 - Age 24: Carole's daughter almost passed away when it was discovered she was Diabeteic. Carole's beautiful mother couldnotaccept this, becasue of her 

1969 - Age 25: Carole had an Epiphany and a profound Spiritual and physical Transformation when she suddenly decided to stop participating in mental metaphysics. (She completely stopped practicing the Christian Science philosophy.)

The greatest epiphany and Immediate breakthrough in her life occurred when she decided to completely stop using mental Metaphysics! She not only experienced an immediate physical transformation, everything in her entire life changed from that point on. The insights she gained after immediately experiencing an instant transformation, are the insights she has used to teach her program of 

Pic at 25

Epiphany after stopping participation in mental metaphysics and leaving extreme Menrl metphysical church

1980 - Age 25: Obtained the Dimensions Diagram in a dream.

1985 - Age 25: Huge Breakthrough when she discovered how to accelerate the Law of Attraction by raising the vibration. This term alone has totally changed the terminology in applying the Law of Attraction.

1984 - Age 25: ??? The Expansion Diagram 

1986 - Produced PowerVision Dynamics, a full instructional program that teaches how to Accelerate the Law of Attraction by raising the vibration and create through the Heart, rather than the mind.

After Carole Doré discovered the destruction that occurs from using mental metaphysics or trying to control or create through the mind,  she felt compelled to teach people how to break out of what she terms "halfway metapjhysics" and create throgih the heart rather thanthen. Becasue of her extensive metaphysical training, she began seeing glitches through all of the meaphysical books and programs produced ater the late 1800's. Recognizing the importance of our power, se dicided to remove all theglitches from what she terms halfway metaphic, and provide guidelines for pure meatphsucs , which was taught in the Bible


has been changed and used as titles of numerous books since she published it in 1994.

PowerVision® is a BREAKTHROUGH Creative Procedure in applying

the manifestation process! It enables a person to accelerate the Law of Attraction and create quickly and in Synchronicity. 




"Since purchasing this audio, it has become my most Valuable Treasure! 

When I first bought it, I played it daily. Sometimes in the morning or I would listen to it at night while I fell asleep. It was that pleasant. I say "was" for a reason. Because I used to listen to it with my mind only and I would say, "that was cute" or "I like that verse."

Once I understood that Kelley represented the Inner Child, I was able to listen to it with my heart. And I soared High Vibrational Energy at it purest...and I experience higher and higher levels each time I listen to it! The Treasures from Heaven audio has become the most valuable thing I own. 

Just recently I went away for a couple of days. That is when I realized that as long as I have the Treasures from Heaven audio with me, I have everything I need. And my needs are always met! The experience is that profound and that beautiful!"

~ Vivian Baxter


BELOW are old notes for How to Proceed


The Recommended Place to Start:

This powerful audio seminar is the foundation of the PowerVision® teaching! All of the other PowerVision programs, spring from this important guideline. 

Carole Doré clearly explains the full manifestation process while she provides breakthrough guidance for accelerating the Law of Attraction - an energetic process she discovered for herself in the early 1980's. Carole Doré demonstrates the potential of this powerful energy by quickly and easily bending a spoon (as shown on her television interview on YouTube).

Video of you bending spoon

To enable you to use this expansive energy to create your vision in life, Carole Doré provides, step-by-step, instructions for spontaneously applying Visualization the most powerful way possible - through the heart - not the mind.

• A variety of PowerVision® techniques are provided that enable you to create ALL areas of your life. Included are numerous spontaneous techniques plus the correct application of the Meditative Technique, the Audio Technique, the Animated Technique, the PowerVision® Notebook, and more.

• The refinement of the feeling area is taught in detail: How to successfully attain expansive feelings that create quickly, versus emotional attachment that will invert energy and destroy the vision. Feelings determine the success or failure of your manifestations in life!

• Most importantly, The Power Exercise is taught in depth in this audio program. The Power Exercise is the core of the PowerVision Dynamics' teaching and is essential for tapping into expansive High Vibrational Energy, which will accelerate the Law of Attraction and enable you to create in Synchronicity. The more you understand this process, the more powerfully you are able to attain this level of creativity.

You be totally energized, uplifted and continually laugh while Carole Doré explains breakthrough manifestation guidelines - many times through examples of her own life experiences. Throughout this entire enjoyable program, you will become totally enlightened, inspired, and motivated as you gain profound instruction for applying the Power of your Heart to create your full vision in life.

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